Monday, 9 July 2007

Shrek the Third

The wait is orge!

Yeah, great ‘original’ catch phrase I know. But hey that pretty much sums up Shrek The Third in a nutshell. It just doesn’t feel new or unique anymore. The first was a breath of fresh air and the second improved upon this adding sum extra characters like Puss in Boots. But three times?

Now it just feels like a bog standard run of the mill paint by numbers kids cartoon. There is nothing especially unique about its story or concept anymore. And this time it seems to be aimed much more at children, instead of having added extras for adults as well.

The humour included is quite different to the past films, gone are the pop references and sly nods. Here it’s all pretty straight forward ‘all been done before type of gags’ and unfortunately they’re so predictable, you know the punch line before it comes.

The animation is top-notch and definitely the highlight of the film. All the characters are highly detailed with incredible textures and the animated movement is nigh on perfect, which is probably why I enjoyed it. Being into CGI, the animation made up for the lack of original jokes and story.

Saying that the film is still easily watch-able and I didn’t ever find myself getting bored, but I’m not particularly in a hurry to see it again.


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