Tuesday, 19 February 2008

No Country For Old Men

I’m not even going to pretend I liked the ending….

I don’t care what any pompous indie type movie fan argues, you just don’t end a film like this. It goes against everything they teach you in film school 101. I don’t care if some arty folk deems that a good thing, the ending to this film was a complete let down and anti-climax, not to mention pure frustration.

How it’s getting so much praise as a masterpiece is beyond me. The first 90% of this film, yes I agree are absolutely brilliant, great acting, well told story, tense atmosphere, interesting characters and premise (and with no music no less). I was loving every second of it, and marvelling in its greatness. Now if this had built to it’s logical conclusion or some form of a climax, somewhat related to the story or character that the audience had invested the last two hours in, then yes I would feel the praise was warranted, but this ending really ruins the experience.

To have an audience invest 2 hours with a lead character, understand his motivations, feel his pain, hope for his success, and then to kill him off-screen, with no resolution to his story or the item it was built around, then spend a further 20-30 minutes with a secondary character for no apparent reason but to then again end abruptly.

What. The. Hell.

Seriously, you can shove your new age theories of modern art up your ass. This ending was a total cop out! “Oh it doesn’t have to make sense or have a conclusion, it’s art it’s up for interpretation” some new age hippy will say in the background. Whatever. It’s like the Coen Brothers had a decent screenplay in front of them, they filmed it page for page, then realised “Wait a minute this isn’t quite indie enough” then threw the last ten pages away and tacked on a random ending, involving the characters who weren’t dead, just to make it arty and up to interpretation. Well thanks for ruining what was for the first two hours a brilliant film!!

It’s just so annoying to think what sort of a thought process does this to a film, did someone really think “Well the audience is going to be invested in this character and his struggle now, we’ve done an excellent job of getting everyone absorbed into the story, oh well lets ignore that, kill him and will do what we want for 20 minutes.” They say the marketing department can kill a story, well so can pretentious assholes!

So to the uninitiated a bit of advise, when our “hero” finishes talking to the lady at the swimming pool, stop watching and imagine how it should logically have ended. That way you’ll think this was one of the best films you’ve seen in a long time.

As it stands, I’m having a major hard time coming up with a review score for this film as a whole. So….

First 2hours – 9/10

Last 20 minutes – 4/10

Trust me, you’ll understand when you see it.

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