Saturday, 12 January 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

Brilliant cleverly written entertainment.

The fact that I saw this movie was purely chance, I’d seen the trailers and thought it looked ok, nothing that drew me in and said “Wow, me wanna see that here movie cowboy.” Poor Texan joke, sorry. Anyway by some miraculous events, that left me standing outside the cinema with an angry girlfriend and it raining heavily, the only options was get inside and watch a film.

By any account though, this movie is excellent (had I lived in the US and saw this last year it would definitely be in my Top of 2007). The script is very quirky, with a witty sense of humour that allows the “rather serious” story to be told in a heart-felt but very light tone. Some of the more depressing aspects of the story are told with care and consideration though.

Tom Hanks puts in a brilliant performance, I know he’s a huge movie star, but I’ve never really found watching him in anything before hugely entertaining. But here I found him very funny, charming and very likeable.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is also magnificent as a frustrated spy; combined with Hanks the two of them together is hilarious.

Julia Roberts is good, though she’s not really in the film as much as you’d think (this is a Hanks vehicle no question) she does play a crucial role.

So great performances and a very witty script combine to make this film highly recommended.

Oh and I dare you to find any unattractive women in this film, they are all stunning especially Hank entourage of PA’s. Think I need to become a congressman. In Texas. In the 1980’s. “A few problems I can see off the top of my head...”


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