Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Knocked Up

I’m never having a one night stand again!

I thought Knocked up was suppose to be comedy? And it turns out to be a horror of a wake up call of what could go wrong after a one-night stand!

Seriously, though, this film is very funny, but there is always that niggling feeling in the back of your mind of ‘this could happen to me,’ which, however, in turn becomes the movies greatest strength, because everything is so relatable.

It is very much driven by the characters, as the story is relatively simple – guy and girl have one night stand, girl gets pregnant, hilarity ensures. So a lot of emphasis is placed on characters and there development over the 9 months.

Seth Rogen plays an excellent role as the father to be. He is damn funny and has perfect comedic timing, but the weird thing is that he never tries too hard. He literally says very believable things, but in the context of when he says them, it just makes you laugh.

This goes for the rest of the cast and comedy throughout, there are no big set-up pieces or slapstick elements, all the comedy comes from the characters and their interactions with each other. It makes it very realistic, in that everything in the film could and probably would happen if you were surrounded by similar people.

As well as having some very funny moments, the film also has a real heart at it’s core and is never afraid to slow down and show it. But this doesn’t slow the pacing of the film, it just adds to the story.

Watching the film, I could really identify with Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) and I imagine a girl would relate with the mother to be Alison (Katherine Heigl). I really can’t say how much the characters make this movie, all the main and supporting characters do a stand-up job.

I don't really like going too in-depth with a comedy film as it can ruin the laughs and you can never really explain a joke to the same effect as watching it, so I'll leave it at that.

Highly recommended and very funny.


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