Saturday, 12 January 2008

Reviews Explaination

It's come to my attention, that a lot of my reviews are generally quite positive or absolutely negative, this is due to the fact I tend to only write about the films I have a passion for. Whether it be outstanding or utter shite. The ok ones, that don't really bother me, probably won't get a mention.

As this is only a hobby (at the moment anyway, any big-wigs care to give me a job? Yes please), I see what I can (and want) and than write about it. When i'm paying for the cinema tickets, i'm not going to watch every bit of tripe just so i can fill up some bandwidth.

So basically it should be a few reviews a week, though don't expect everything that comes out to get a review.

Oh, and one more thing, I live in the UK, so I'll see films generally around the release date over here not the US one. Unless i'm very lucky.


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