Thursday, 1 March 2007


The key idea behind this blog, is for me to review films and then get people discussing them.

What did you like? Or what didn't you like? What could have been done better? How would you have liked it to end? Etc.

The reviews will be different to regular reviews, that you may read and then decide whether or not to go and see the film based on that said review. Instead I'll assume that you've already seen the film (therefore there may be spoilers) and it will provide a place to express your thoughts and opinions on them afterwards with others.

I've got a few reviews from the past couple of months to write up, and then when I'm up-to-date with all of them, I'll hopefully start posting a new review each week. (As long as there's a movie released that I want to see and feel the urge to review it that is). If not I may just write a review of an old favourite of mine, to start a discussion about it.

Watch. Enjoy. Discuss.


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