Saturday, 5 January 2008


2007 had the potential to be an amazing year for films (well for sequels anyway), yet frustratingly the majority of these didn’t deliver on the promise of their prequels or their trailers (I’m looking at you Spider-man 3 and Transformers – what the hell happened?!)

If I had predicted this list at the beginning of the year there are certain films that I thought would almost have definitely been at the top of the list, yet due to maybe too much expectation (on my part) or the films just being down-right awful, they don’t even make it into the top 10.

I know some of these movies will be considered mainstream and therefore some art-house critics may feel the urge to disregard this list as I haven’t included any indie efforts. But this is my list and I actually genuinely love some of the great big summer blockbusters, especially from an all-round stand point (looking at special effect, creativity, storytelling, acting, direction, etc).

Anyway enough rambling, here we go!

10. Surf’s Up – though I will have a slight bias due to my love of the subject matter, I did thoroughly enjoy this as an animated film, and thought the documentary style approach gave it an original edge.

9. Super-bad – laughed hysterically and delivered what all good comedies should, real humour, real characters and real situations.

8. POTC – At World’s End – I was a bit disappointed when I saw this in the cinema, having loved part 2 so much, I felt this was a bit lacking in nearly every way despite it’s length! Though a recent viewing on DVD, has changed my opinion significantly and this is now my second favourite in the trilogy and gets it in the top 10!

7. The Simpsons Movie – Maybe not as amazing as expected, due to 18 years of waiting, but as a stand-alone “film-going experience” I laughed constantly for its 80min run-time and in my book that gets it on the list as my favourite comedy of the year.

6. Beowulf – Wonderful, amazing action sequences, good story, complete with engrossing characters and hopefully a step into the 3D future of cinema.

5. American Gangster – loved every minute of this film, never once felt like it was dragging and the whole business model approach to drug dealing in a gangster film really made this stand out to me.

4. 300 – awesome, had been waiting a long time for this. Maybe a bit too much style over substance, but you can’t really complain when it’s this spectacular!

3. I Am Legend – intense action sequence, amazing visuals, Will Smith’s acting went to another level and great direction combined to make one of my favourite films to end the year.

2. Ratatouille – although not Pixar’s best, it wasn’t far off, and that makes any movie deservedly high on my list.

1. Sunshine – Perfect. I love every single aspect of this film, from sound design to acting, from special effects to musicals score. Danny Boyle direction makes this my Top of 2007

So that’s the list for year, unfortunately I didn’t get around to seeing all the films I wanted to see this year so films like 3:10 to Yuma would have probably made it in, but if I didn’t see them I can’t really include them!

Here’s on to 2008, where I have extremely high hopes for The Dark Knight and Wall-e. Fingers crossed, I do not want a repeat of Spider-man 3!

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